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Silver Bullet Labs Sp. z o.o.[Llc.] is a team of software specialists that, for several years now, have been architecting and implementing systems that support business processes. The main focus of the company has been the implementation of high-performance solutions in the following areas:

  • Customer Operation/Customer Service Desk

  • Field Force Management

  • Complaint Management

  • IT Service Desk

  • Enterprise Project Management

  • Mobile games

The solutions created by Silver Bullet Labs are addressed to medium and large companies from the following industries: financial, telecommunications, insurance, banking, media service and delivery, and production.

Silver Bullet Labs offers

  • Implementation services of the proprietary platform Argentum, which is the basis for systems managing services in a company.

  • Electronic version of the game Red7 for the leading mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and computers.

  • Implementation services of the Atmosphere system (whose current owner is Works S.A), the only Polish system certified in accordance with ITIL standards.